Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shipping Peace Around the World

So by articles like this, more people get to know about our project. We are trying to ship the show to the US by the end of this month so more people will probably get a chance to experience peace through art with children.
We'll let you know about the details...

P.S. It's lovely to ship the Peace around the world... I guess it just costs so much huh?!


Cambodia said...

Cambodian people need more help. Most of rural people have low knowledge and easy to be cheat especially young girl...

Setareh Masoumbeiki said...

It's true. Most of the young girls in the rural area are in danger of getting cheated. Friends International/Mith Samlanh* has a great prevention program called : Safe Migrants. For more information
please check: http://www.streetfriends.org/

* http://www.friends-international.org