Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Peace Day #2 --- CCPCR - "Circle Painting"

Today, Life is a circle....

Who would have known that a small Vietnamese artist could inspire us so much to paint circles all day? Well he did. His name is Hiep Nguyen and I have worked with him before on these meditative circle paintings. Every Sunday at Cambodian Center for the Protection of Children's Rights, we have a painting and drawing class. Whenever we arrive there, the girls would be working together in their rooms on a huge puzzle. Seeing them work together, singing, giggling, whispering and just their cool connection; lead us back to Hiep's circle painting idea. With the help of our translator's mother, we began the session with an introduction to meditation. As she had the women in such a peaceful state, we mixed the magic colors that were then soon put on a canvas of love and peace! There was a special moment that we must share with you.... There is a bright, young and most pleasant girl at the center, who is also deaf. We had her paint the first circle of many, in the center of the canvas. At the very moment she completed that first circle everyone in the room couldn't help but clap continuously.
...So there began the circles...
Peacycle, Love, Art, and Motorbikes full of art supplies,

--- Thank you Srey Net, Pisey and her mother for joining us and helping with the translation and meditation.

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