Friday, July 20, 2007

Peace Day #3--- Aziza Schoolhouse - "Window Project"

Look out of your window and see past the bars, imagine a peaceful scenery. Imagine your hopes and dreams turn into colors and shapes...
In Tonle Bassac area there is a street along side of these old huge apartment buildings that are now completely over loaded. However, it’s full of life, colors and a ton of kids. Behind these buildings is where you’ll find Aziza Schoolhouse. Going to Aziza three days a week and seeing those buildings from the front and the back created the idea that each balcony full of colorful laundry, plants and wire fences is like us looking through the window of each family’s life. And this is how the window project began.
We talked with the children and asked them to imagine peaceful things that they would like to see outside of their windows. We encouraged them to think about colors and shapes instead of objects. Then we handed them the paper and paint and the miraculous windows were created. It was amazing to see how the children see their peaceful place as they were going crazy with the colors and design.
We cut out the shape of the buildings from several big cardboard boxes, and we are placing the children’s paintings on the buildings where the windows might be...

Peace, love and imagination,

BTW, We have a GREAT NEWS! Thanks to Nico at Meta House in Phnom Penh, our dream has now come true…. We will be able to exhibit the kid’s Imagine Art for Peace Project at Nico’s art center opening August 23rd. We will send more information later.

---Thanks to Sophon and Yuth for helping us with this project.

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drewmcdo said...

Wow - it's so great. The world is a better place! Drew