Monday, July 23, 2007

Peace Day #4--- CCH - "Peace Sign"

"Signs, Signs everywhere a sign, do this don't do that So I got me a pen and paper and made up my own little sign!"

We gave the children at CCH (Center for Children's Happiness) a big peace of paper with about twenty little squares to fill in with their personal signs for peace. Once they came up with a few different ideas, we gave them each a cut, square fabric to then transfer their personal peace signs to. They used fabric markers, colored fabric, fabric oil crayons and they imaged peace.
We are in the process of sewing all of the squares together to make a huge Peace Sign Quilt. Now that each kid has their own personal sign for peace, the quilt with all of them together could be one big sign for Peace.

Peace, art, love, and one way roads...

*I probably don't need to say this but you can view bigger pictures but clicking on them...

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