Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Peace Day #5--- TASK - "Body Outline"

Body is just a cover protecting what's inside of you. What is inside of you?

TASK is an organization who works with children who have many different disabilities. With these kids we wanted to focus on body and the peace that is within. We bought a very big canvas. On our way home, I was thinking “Where are we going to find a lamp?” … and the Lamp God said: “let there be light.” There were at least four lamp stores all next door to each other and were filled with every kind of light bulb and lamp that you could imagine. So, for three dollars, we left with a lamp. Driving on Amanda’s motorbike with a huge canvas, a lamp, a bucket of paint brushes, and a big box of paints, we went to TASK. We told the kids that we were going to outline their shadows onto the canvas. We turned all the lights off and the kids got so excited, none of them shy and we started the outlining….
There was one boy who was in a wheel chair, when it was his turn to get his body transferred to the canvas the staff at TASK helped him out of his wheel chair and gave him a walker. He was so uncomfortable and nothing felt right about that, you could see it in his face. We wanted the kids to feel comfortable with their bodies and show it... we had to stop the staff and we brought the boy his wheel chair. His expression changed instantly after and he was happy and comfortable again. As I got ready to outline his shadow, he raised both of his arms up as and gave us the impression that he was so proud of himself. I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but it is so true!
When we finished outlining all of the kids, we gave them the paints and they filled in their bodies with happy, peaceful colors!

Peace, Love and Dust in our teeth from smiling on a motorbike!

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