Friday, July 27, 2007

Peace Day #6--- CDCC- "Peace Garden"

Amanda and I have just gotten back from the most peaceful journey through a colorful garden with the kids from CDCC.
I know you might think that this is one of our crazy, tree hugging ideas, but it isn’t. During one of our art classes at CDCC, a group of older girls were making flowers out of thin wires and colored nylons. There was a small girl, maybe six years old, who was watching them. The small girl decided to make her own flower, however it didn’t so much look like the flowers that the other girls where making, but more like a lollypop… and cooler! We loved it and at the same time shouted, “Peace Garden!”
So we made a Peace Garden...

Peace, Love and Jai,

*CDCC is abbreviated for Cambodian Dump Children’s Center. (we don’t like the name… CDCC is much better)
**Jai = lice... small animals living on your head...

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amrie414 said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you girls!!!
Love and hugs,]