Sunday, July 29, 2007

Peace Day #7--- CCF- "Violence in the news"

When we ask children what peace means to them, they come up with many answers… freedom, happiness, love, playing, nature, and more commonly… NO VIOLENCE.
We get to know about violence that is happening all around the world by reading newspapers and seeing pictures. We have been saving newspapers for other art projects that we wanted to do, so we took all of those along with different colored paper and old magazines to the kids at Cambodian Children’s Fund. Our idea was to cover all of the violence that we see in the media with colors and drawings. We asked the kids to cut out words and images that were relevant to violence and paste them on a piece of cardboard. We handed them oil pastels and they began to color, write and draw peaceful things that they want to see instead. When they were finished, they placed their collages all in a line and as we walked around to look at them, we could follow the story of Peace that they told.

Peace, love and jumping contests with seat cushions and dancing with the kids after art class...