Friday, August 3, 2007

Peace Day #11 --- Souls- "photograph peace!"

We are at the end of our Eleven Day Peace Art Journey. We purposely chose this particular group to write about for the last email. These are our photography students who inspired us so much that we started this peace art project.
We had a non-violence workshop with these kids about a month ago. The photographs that they took and the things that they said in our group discussion about the violence they face everyday in their community, moved us so deeply.
We took the students to Java Art Gallery where there was a painting exhibition titled, “Things”. We wanted the students to see the paintings and pay attention to the objects that they see everyday. Then we asked them to think about the things that are peaceful or safe to them. Some of these students have been participating in photography classes for the past two years, so they are familiar with composition and lighting. We asked them to take pictures of their safe and peaceful objects, keeping in mind different aspects of photography. As part of their group project, they also had to take pictures of different parts of their body, creating their own personal peace signs so that we can put them all together as one big poster.

Here are some quotes of what kids said about their own pictures and also their classmates’ pictures…

“The picture is like the world… and the candle is the equator. One side of the world is dark and the other is light.”

“I chose the glass because glasses are shared by all of the people around the world. It brings everyone together, like when people get together to drink tea or when someone comes to our house and we give them water. I took the picture at this angle outside because the wires confirm how we are all connected. The glass is like the globe and the sky and clouds represent the world.”

Peace, love and speechless from our side…

- Don't forget...we will have all of the children’s artwork from this project exhibited at Meta House in Phnom Penh, August 23rd @ 6 pm.
---- You can see more of these kids' pictures at:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Setareh,

Maybe Amanda already told you about the ideas that maybe you could share your great experiences with working with art and peace with Youth for Peace. Amanda did not have time to come by our office but said that maybe you would be interested? Tomorrow we will join the National Youth Gathering Day in Kampng Chhnang, which includes a 2 hour painting workshop; if you are interested (very last minute, I know) you can come to our office @ 5h30 in the morning, we all leave together... or maybe you think this is too early, and then we can discuss later; our student center would be a great place to do some art activities! Give me a ring at 092-569690. In peace, Sarah