Thursday, August 2, 2007

Peace Day #10--- Little Folks - "Fishing Dreams"

Imagine if catching dreams were as easy as catching fish…
After watching a documentary at Meta House about children affected by Aids, Amanda kept thinking about the organization that she used to work with. These children are care takers for their parents who are infected by this disease. As she was talking to me about this organization, we saw one of the staff members. We took this as a sign and thought of getting them involved in our peace project. Remembering their traditional dance performances that she’s seen, we thought of using the hand woven fish trap that they use in one of Amanda’s favorite dances. Each traditional dance tells a story, and we thought that the kids would be able to tell a story about their dreams of peace. After the kids painted their stories of peace on narrow strips of canvas, we then wove them through several fish traps. Then we asked the kids to write their hopes and dreams for a peaceful future on small pieces of paper. One small boy, that wasn’t even originally part of the workshop, grabbed a marker and paper and in a few seconds drew a picture of a gun circled with a line through it. After seeing this, the other kids got motivated and came up with thousands of ideas and powerful words. After a few hours when they finished, we placed all of their writings inside of the fish traps. After that we reached into the trap and fished for dreams that are shared by all of us.

Peace, love and seeing the city through the stripes of the fish trap on the back of Amanda’s motorbike (visualize this… Setareh wearing it on her head, oh the looks we got...)

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