Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Peace Day #9 --- Sovann Komar - "Dream Jar"

Hopes and dreams should be kept safe and easily accessible, to remind us of a meaningful life. If you could imagine your dreams as objects, what would they be? And where would you store them?
Once as we were driving on our limousine motorbike, we were trying to come up with ideas of how we could store our dreams in a way that we could save them and see them at the same time. On the streets of Phnom Penh there are many mobile vendors selling different types of fruits; some are kept in large plastic jars marinating in a sour sauce. Automatically we thought that our ideas would look perfect in those same jars with the bright red lids, just without the sour flavor. What better group of kids to do this project with, than the kids at Sovann Komar. This group of children speak fluent Khmer and English and it is easier for us to speak to them. We love to fanaticize with them and talk about our dreams, and they sure do have a lot to say. They are also very young, so their imagination is so pure and amazing! After being lost in the overly packed, dark, maze through small walkways of bad smells and hanging animals of the Phsar Thmey (Central Market), we finally found a vendor with those beautiful jars and brought them to Sovann Komar. We asked the kids to draw their idea of the objects that they would like to fill their dream jars with, so that they could fill them later. “Marshmallows, buses, flowers, my friend, play doh, water from the sea, watches, marbles, leaves, stones…”

Peace, love and drinking coffee out of plastic bags in the middle of the night...

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